what is the farthest country from the Netherlands

The farthest country from the Netherlands in terms of straight-line distance is New Zealand, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, approximately 18,414 kilometers away.

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Since it is the middle of the Netherlands, it is possible to reach everywhere from here. Since it is a full university city, the energy of the city and the open-mindedness of the people are high. Tivoli in the heart of the city is an important cultural/art center. Many concerts and parties are held in different halls at the same time. Utrecht is a pleasant city with high quality of people and beautiful canals.

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city having the famous erasmus bridge. The Erasmus Bridge is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge that crosses the Nieuwe Maas in the centre of Rotterdam, connecting the north and south parts of this city, second largest in the Netherlands. It was designed by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel (UNStudio) and named after humanist and theologian ‘Desiderius Erasmus Roterdamus’ (1466 - 1536)2. Construction began in 1986 and was completed in 1996. The construction of the Erasmus bridge cost in excess of 165 million euros.

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het goed

A large chain of used goods outlets. Many of the employees serve here on a voluntary basis. It is possible to find many used products that come to mind at very affordable prices here. Most of the items are like new as dutch usually uses the items well. There is also a large number and variety of toys for your child. Moreover, it is possible to buy the second hand of a toy whose zero reaches 30 euros for 3-5 euros.

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best villages to visit near amsterdam

1. Volendam: Known for its colorful wooden houses and the old fishing boats in its harbor, Volendam offers a glimpse of the traditional Dutch village life.2. Marken: It is a charming village situated on a peninsula in the IJsselmeer. The village is renowned for its well-preserved wooden houses and home to a historic shipyard.3. Zaanse Schans: Famous for its well-preserved windmills and houses. Here, you can watch traditional crafts such as clog and cheese making or visit one of the functioning windmills.4. Giethoorn: This village offers a tranquil escape from the city hustle and bustle with its car-free environment and splendid waterways. You can rent a boat or bike to explore the area.5. Broek In Waterland: Just a short bus ride from Amsterdam, this village is known for its wooden houses, scenic canals and tranquil environment.6. Muiden: Famous for Muiderslot castle, one of the best preserved castles in the country, and cute cafes along the waterfront.7. Edam: Famously known for its cheese, but also offers a rich history with many city monuments and well-preserved historical buildings.Remember to check the travel situation and local guidelines before planning your visit due to the ongoing pandemic conditions.

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It is a city that has an important place among the caravaggism movements and has hosted an art movement called utrecht caravaggism. When names such as hendrick ter brugghen, gerard van honthorst and dirck van baburen, who visited Rome in the early 17th century, returned to their hometowns of Utrecht, they imitated the great master caravaggio's use of light in a wonderful way, like Rembrandt, who had never visited Italy. They helped the giant and many other Dutch painters to understand the light, technique and realism of Caravaggio.

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why does the dutch wear orange

The Dutch wear orange as a show of support for their royal family, which belongs to the House of Orange-Nassau. The House of Orange has played a major role in the country's history and leadership for centuries. The color orange has thus become symbolically linked to the Dutch nation. It's often worn during national celebrations, sporting events, and other moments of national pride, such as on King's Day, an annual holiday celebrating the monarch's birthday.

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A restaurant chain in Netherlands. They serve tasty food in bowls. Performance for this price is amazing. They are serving some food with robot waiters, which is very exciting to watch for kids. Worth trying.

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giethoorn, which is far from city life, where there is no car noise and where there is complete peace, is known as the dream town of the Netherlands with its old houses, canals and nature. In giethoorn, you can visit the canals either by boat or by wooden bridges connecting the islets. This town, which is flocked by visitors from all over the world, has many hiking trails and bicycle paths. Recognized after the fanfare movie that Dutch director Bert Haanstra shot here in 1958, the town became a center of attraction. Boats are the means of transportation in giethoorn. You can ice skating all winter long in the town, where there are also many artistic events and activities. On the canals, you can have the opportunity to use the boats. Nowadays Most of the boats are electric boats. Most of the houses in giethoorn are built on tiny islands. If you don't want to visit the town with boats, you can rent a bicycle or walk over the wooden bridges in the town. Giethoorn, which is about 90 kilometers from Amsterdam, is 110 kilometers from Rotterdam and The Hague. Giethoorn is located in the central part of the Netherlands. The most striking feature of giethoorn, the Netherlands' dream town; locals and tourists leave their cars outside the town and continue on foot.

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Limburg is famous for its rolling hills and age-old castles dotted about the countryside. It is also known for its Limburger cheese which is produced in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and North America. Limburg is one of two Dutch provinces (North Brabant being the other) that has historically been dominated by the Roman Catholic faith.

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