best villages to visit near amsterdam

1 - 1. Volendam: Known for its colorful wooden houses and the old fishing boats in its harbor, Volendam offers a glimpse of the traditional Dutch village life.2. Marken: It is a charming village situated on a peninsula in the IJsselmeer. The village is renowned for its well-preserved wooden houses and home to a historic shipyard.3. Zaanse Schans: Famous for its well-preserved windmills and houses. Here, you can watch traditional crafts such as clog and cheese making or visit one of the functioning windmills.4. Giethoorn: This village offers a tranquil escape from the city hustle and bustle with its car-free environment and splendid waterways. You can rent a boat or bike to explore the area.5. Broek In Waterland: Just a short bus ride from Amsterdam, this village is known for its wooden houses, scenic canals and tranquil environment.6. Muiden: Famous for Muiderslot castle, one of the best preserved castles in the country, and cute cafes along the waterfront.7. Edam: Famously known for its cheese, but also offers a rich history with many city monuments and well-preserved historical buildings.Remember to check the travel situation and local guidelines before planning your visit due to the ongoing pandemic conditions.

nlalle - 1/21/2024 10:39:14 PM