1 - giethoorn, which is far from city life, where there is no car noise and where there is complete peace, is known as the dream town of the Netherlands with its old houses, canals and nature. In giethoorn, you can visit the canals either by boat or by wooden bridges connecting the islets. This town, which is flocked by visitors from all over the world, has many hiking trails and bicycle paths. Recognized after the fanfare movie that Dutch director Bert Haanstra shot here in 1958, the town became a center of attraction. Boats are the means of transportation in giethoorn. You can ice skating all winter long in the town, where there are also many artistic events and activities. On the canals, you can have the opportunity to use the boats. Nowadays Most of the boats are electric boats. Most of the houses in giethoorn are built on tiny islands. If you don't want to visit the town with boats, you can rent a bicycle or walk over the wooden bridges in the town. Giethoorn, which is about 90 kilometers from Amsterdam, is 110 kilometers from Rotterdam and The Hague. Giethoorn is located in the central part of the Netherlands. The most striking feature of giethoorn, the Netherlands' dream town; locals and tourists leave their cars outside the town and continue on foot.

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