1 - Limburg is a province in the southeastern part of the Netherlands. The territory of the Duchy of Limburg was formed in the 11th century around the town of Limbourg in present-day Wallonia. About 1020, Duke Frederick of Lower Lorraine, a descendant of Count Palatine Wigeric of Lotharingia, had Limbourg Castle built on the banks of the Vesdre river. For centuries, the strategic location of the current province made it a much-coveted region among Europe’s major powers. Romans, Habsburg Spaniards, Prussians, Habsburg Austrians and French have all ruled Limburg. The current province Limburg of the Netherlands only came into existence in 1839, after the finalization of the separation of Belgium from the Netherlands which had begun in 1830.

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2 - Limburg is famous for its rolling hills and age-old castles dotted about the countryside. It is also known for its Limburger cheese which is produced in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and North America. Limburg is one of two Dutch provinces (North Brabant being the other) that has historically been dominated by the Roman Catholic faith.

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