orange color of netherlands

1 - The Netherlands is often associated with the color orange, even though the colors of the Dutch flag are red, white, and blue. The reason for this is that orange is the color of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau, which has played a significant role in the history and identity of the country. The origin of the name and color goes back to William of Orange, also known as William the Silent, who was the leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish rule in the 16th century. He inherited the title of Prince of Orange from his cousin, who died without heirs. The title came from a small principality in southern France, which had an orange coat of arms. William of Orange is considered the founding father of the Netherlands, as he united the provinces and fought for their independence. He is also the ancestor of the current king, Willem-Alexander. His name and color became symbols of the Dutch nation and its values. The Dutch people show their pride and unity by wearing orange on national holidays, such as King’s Day and Liberation Day, or during international sports events, such as the World Cup or the Olympics. Orange is also used in many cultural expressions, such as flags, banners, songs, and slogans.

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